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Dream Big & Use This To Create Measurable Goals Leading to Success and a Great Exit.

Posted by Georgia Maistros | Mar 19, 2021

Are you looking into the future with your focus in mind? A Plan helps you dream & create measurable goals. Your Business is your biggest investment of time & money.

Business Owners should have the following in place:

1. Use an Accounting program that allows them to keep track of Customers info including Sales by Type - this allows a data base to measure growth and to determine value of the business.

2. Vendors & costs as they apply to Sales Types are important to your budget & goals. This builds Gross Margin and Net Income - 2 goals most owners care about.

3. Employees should be coached & reviewed to increase productivity & build a long term team. This increases your margins, profit and the value of your business.

4. What are you earning from your business annually and what are your goals for retirement? These are not only part of your personal goals, but they are part of the value of your business when a Buyer looks at it.

I just read an article that stated of the Small Business owners they reviewed:  

1. 30% have not planned for retirement;

2. 40% used a Financial Advisor

A team of advisors working together for you will bring you success. I want to help you grow your business to plan your exit, protect your family and leave a legacy.   

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