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Review Obstacles with the End in Mind and See Opportunities 

Working with Business Owners is enjoyable yet challenging.  They are ALL IN, to steal form a popular slogan of a local team.   They have grown a business from a vision in their head to something that supports their family, employees and customers and they thrive on the challenges, knowing they are opportunities that will get them to the next level they are working for. I want to be there celebrating those wins at each level they climb, and helping them when they stumble and have to rework their plan. 

My education and experience has prepared to work with the business and individuals in protecting their assets and their families, and helping them grow to the next level.   To be a Trusted Advisor, one has to gain the persons confidence to be able to have the right to work with them, their team and their family.   Their business is intertwined with their assets, and it takes having a team of advisors (Accountant, Business Insurance, Investments, Banker, etc) to help grow the business to have a separate identity from its owner(s), and thrive.   The goal should be for the Owner to have a life, and have a great asset they can one day pass on to someone else; a Legacy.  

As a business owner, I am no stranger to the struggle.  Perseverance and grit are important.    As is relationship and the building of trust. It takes time. 

While attending law school, I gained experience from putting the bookkeeping together weekly for a CPA, to becoming an expert in and business to help my next boss prepare to advocate for his client in front of the IRS in appeals and Tax Court, and to help the Taxpayer put together the evidence needed to support their argument.    This experience prepared me for the bold path to hang my own shingle in 1992, and venture into many different areas of the law (Juvenile Court, Probate Court, and yes, even Civil Court) with the goal of practicing in the areas I still practice in today, Small Business, Estate Planning, Tax and Probate.    This experience helped me know that Small Business Owners needed to learn to be proactive, put systems and forms in place, in order to focus on growing their business, providing for their families and employees, and reaching their goals.   The Court process is there for a reason, but it is not what you see on TV.  It a lengthy road to trial, if you even get there.    My conversations with my clients in all areas of the law help a client see the pitfalls in their case, what the Court time line will take them away from and how to look for wins in negotiations, working toward a settlement.    Some should pursue their case through the Court, but they should be prepared with evidence to allow the Litigating attorney win.   Proactive planning helps you continue to work and be ready.   In Estate Planning, it helps empower your family members to care for you and complete your wishes to pass on your hard earned assets to the people you chose.  

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