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Be Proactive, make sure your plans are in place, and make sure your documents will work when you cannot!

You worked hard to get where you are at - make sure you have an Advisor that knows it and helps You. 

You have worked hard to get where you are today, and you want to make sure that you and your family can continue to benefit by this. To be able to make the smart decisions, you need an advisor who will educate you and help you think through how to protect the assets, yourself, your family, and if you own a Small Business, the business, employees and customers.   

Problems are guaranteed, but They could be opportunities in disguise.

Problems will come in your life time, but by being proactive, you are ensuring that others will be able to see the vision you have laid out, and help you to follow it through while being able to take advantage of the opportunities that come with obstacles. You know who will carry certain task out, and so you should empower the person of your choosing to be able to take care of things when you cannot.

It takes more than Documents alone to be an Estate Plan; it takes your plan. 

Your Estate Plan needs to be more than some great documents, it needs to contain a plan.  A plan is designed by your to achieve what you are building.  In Estate and Business Planning it is no different. It is your intention or decision about what will happen in the event that you are not there, and as you grow, to allow you not to be there, and take the well deserved time off without losing what you worked hard to earn.   There will be a time, where you may be ready to let go of certain parts of your assets, and want to be able to sell them so that you can move to the next chapter.  Proactive planning helps you do this.

Trusted Advisor adds a degree of protection and assistance. 

As your trusted advisor, I want to walk along side of you when you need me, and help you put together a plan that will make sense to the people you name to help you when you need help.   The plan needs to be your plan, and it needs you to provide input, define, and work on to create in writing.   This is an Estate Plan, a Business Succession and Continuity Plan, and it needs to be in place to be able to see if your documents, procedures and forms match that plan. Maistros Legal Services Inc is here to help you put the Asset Protection Plan that will work for you, your family and your business when you need it.  


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