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Problems become Opportunities; You just have to see them and Work them

Posted by Georgia Maistros | Oct 20, 2020

Most of my clients come to me with something in mind they want to accomplish or a problem at hand that needs attention.   Sometimes they need the advocate, and other times they need the Counselor.

My goal IS that my clients succeed!  I need to warn them about the pitfalls coming, and get them focused on working the solutions. In order to help a client be a great success, I need to get to know them and their goals.   I then need to review the facts and circumstances and ask them questions of what they see and want in their future.   Setting accountable goals, helps me protect them, their assets and their families.  It keeps us both focused. 

Putting a strategy in place to reach the goals we set, needs steps forward, review and accountability.   I need to know my client, to know how to move them to action mode, and when to step back and review.  Sometimes they need encouragement.   As an advocate and a business attorney, my goal is for my client to grow strategically, build relationships and avoid litigation.    Problems do come, but you need to look at them as opportunities or stopping points to assess if you are on the right path or need to make a detour.   The working relationship and trust with a client is one of the most important aspects of getting things done and goals being reached.  I can tell people about the law and how it applies, but I need them to take the next steps; this brings success!

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