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The Finisher: Making Sure the Project is Truly Complete

Posted by Georgia Maistros | Jul 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

Finisher (noun) one who finishes, puts an end to, completes, or perfects; esp. used in the trades, as in hatting, weaving, etc., for the workman who gives a finishing touch to the work, or any part of it, and brings it to perfection. 

In the Construction Industry, a Finisher's Duties and Responsibilities are: 

  • Review project plans and location of the job 
  • Gather and inspect equipment to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Install forms as needed
  • Communicate with the  team about the timing and completion of each phase of the project
  • Use tools to complete the job such as in concrete, power trowels and vibrating screeds to smooth freshly poured concrete
  • Check the finished product to make sure it meets specifications
  • Follow all industry and governmental safety protocols
  • Maintain equipment and make repairs when necessary

In the legal industry specifically in Litigation type cases, Divorce and also in the Estate Planning industry, I find there is a hole. Divorce Attorneys and other litigators are negotiating and putting Orders in place, but not consulting with the business, estate planning, tax attorney to legally secure that the plan will work in the years to come.   Many have come out with orders but not put in to place Quit Claim Deeds for Real Estate along with how the loans will be paid, and in recommending the parties review their estate planning.  They are not ensuring the plan they have put in place for this family will work in the long run.  This will cause more legal issues and even financial and emotional issues in the years to come. 

If you are a Business Owner, your team of trusted advisors should be working together to make sure what you have in place is sound and meets your future goals.  You should all be planning with a vision of where you will be in 3 to 5 years with specific measurable goals, financials that will easily allow you to see if you are improving and reaching the goals, and that your legal documents match all of this.  By working to keep on the same page, all of you will see the wins and celebrate them.   

As a Business, Tax and Estate Planning Attorney, I find that though I communicate with the other Trusted Advisors, there is no true synergy.  The Client must take the lead and put his team in place and expect them to work together.  If the Business Owner will not create the space and order to work together, he or she must empower someone to take the lead.  This is a role I have filled in the past and usually clean up the loose ends or even move people and action steps forward. 

How can you be Proactive in these situations: 

1.   Take the time to review your 1 to 5 year plan, and put it in writing; 

2.   Set Annual Action Steps to work to meet the goals; 

3.   Review your Action Steps quarterly, monthly and weekly. 

4.   Though they are in writing, there are many things out of our control, so you must revisit and make changes. 

5.  Make sure your Trusted Advisor Team (Attorney, Accountant, Banker, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, etc) are on the same page by providing them a copy of your plan and holding an Annually Meeting before the year end to review and discuss the plan, the problems and how the team can help you make changes.   This creates the monthly, quarterly, next year focus. 

6.  Have me review your personal and business documents to make sure they match what you are saying and striving for. 

As a Proactive Attorney, who finds that most litigation is not needed and should not be entered into without weighing the pros and cons and the costs, I want to be part of your Small/Medium Business Trusted Advisor Team.    Proactive allows for tax and financial planning, putting documents in place to support and protect your actions, and it allows a "Mastermind" of thinkers working for your business but not on the payroll. There is a Return on Investment when you have this.

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